Magicka 2 Art

I was the Art Director for Magicka 2, and worked on tons of different things during the project. I did concepts for environments, levels, enemies and NPC's. I helped out with the cultural kits for the NPC races, worked with UI-design, user-experience, level design.

I worked with a fantastic team of artists and together I think we really took the Magicka setting to the next level.

Daniel ribera olsen m2screens

Magicka 2 has a lot of different locations and moods. Here is a sample from the game to give a feel of the finished product.

Daniel ribera olsen joanofarc win32 dev 2015 09 05 14 19 40 93

Unused start menu I created with the assets that the art-team produced

Daniel ribera olsen forest

I found that due to the vast amount of assets that needed to be produced, using inks and markers was the fastest for many of the concepts

Daniel ribera olsen cave

I usually scribble game design ideas on concepts to help with level flow and inspire design/team

Daniel ribera olsen mixed 01

All the levels were drawn on paper to quickly convey to the design-team a general feel for the level

Daniel ribera olsen props

Concepts for various props

Daniel ribera olsen icons

Skill icons for all spells the wizards could use

Daniel ribera olsen ending 01

Illustrations for the "Prophecy Cinematic" that was supposed to look like someone drew it during school class

Daniel ribera olsen ending 02

Illustrations for the "Prophecy Cinematic" (Bad Ending)

Daniel ribera olsen cutscene 01

Illustrations for the "Prophecy Cinematic"